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Corpus Christi and Surrounding Area Mariachis

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Mariachi Los Campesinos-1958
First organized local mariachi group

Mariachi Robles-1973
First local group with a female member

Mariachi Estrella-1977
First local group to have youths under 18 years of age

Mariachi Miramar-1978

Los Galleros

Los Galleros de Salinas-1978

Members in 1978

left to right
  • Edalio "Lalito" Salinas Jr.-Trumpet
  • Domingo "Pipa" Carrillo-Trumpet
  • Edalio "Lalo" Salinas Sr.-Guitarrón, Director
  • David Rodriguez-Vihuela
  • Jose C. Garcia-Guitar

    Mariachi Del Cielo-1978

    Javelina 1980 Mariachi Javelina-August 1978
    Texas A & I University
    Kingsville, Texas

    Members in Spring Semester 1980

  • Dr. Robert Scott-Faculty Advisor
  • Danny Leal-Vocals
  • Helen Sandroussi-Vocals
  • Larry Muñoz-Trumpet
  • Enrique Saenz-Trumpet
  • David Solis-Trumpet
  • Mary Lou Canales-Guitar
  • Molly Barrera-Guitar
  • Pam Garza-Guitar
  • Veronica Soliz-Guitar
  • Anna Urriegas-Guitar
  • Cynthia Ondarza-Guitar
  • Francisca Ramos-Guitar
  • Claudia Zapata-Guitar
  • Hector Guerra-Vihuela,Student Director
  • Orlando Salinas-Vihuela
  • John Vela-Guitarrón

    Mariachi Ortiz Mariachi Ortiz-1978

    First local group to record an album

    Members: left to right
  • seated-Hector Guerra-Guitarron,Director
  • Orlando Salinas-Vihuela
  • Claudia Zapata-Guitar
  • Anna Urriegas-Guitar
  • Frank Trevino-Violin
    top row
  • Danny Leal-Vocals
  • Enrique Saenz-Trumpet
    not shown
  • Maria Elena Sandroussi-Vocals
  • Diana Delgado-Flute,Violin
  • George Barbosa-Manager

    Mariachi Campanas de America-1979
    Mariachi Del Sol-1979
    Mariachi Gonzalez-Vela-1979

    Royale 1981

    Mariachi Royale-(June 1980-December 1990)

    Members in 1981

    left to right
  • John Vela-Guitarrón, Director
  • Jesus "Chuy" Navarro-Vocals
  • David Solis-Trumpet
  • Emilio Soliz Sr.-Violin
  • Gilbert Soliz-Trumpet
  • Arnold Arce (deceased)-Violin
  • Hector "Lauro" Lopez-Guitar
  • Oscar "Chief" Bueno-Vihuela
    Royale 1982

    Members in 1982

    standing l to r
  • Edalio "Lalo" Salinas Jr.-Trumpet
  • Oscar "Chief" Bueno-Guitar
  • Emilio Soliz Sr.-Violin
  • Gilbert Soliz-Trumpet
  • Arnold Arce (deceased)-Violin
  • Frank Treviño-Violin
  • Orlando "Dado" Salinas-Vihuela
    kneeling l to r
  • Danny Sauceda-Violin
  • Jesus "Chuy" Navarro-Vocals
  • John Vela-Guitarrón, Director

    Alice Community Mariachi-1982
    Mariachi Kineño-1982
    Mariachi Melodico

    Continental 1998 Mariachi Continental-1982

    photo of group in 1998
    Hector Guerra-Director
    relocated to McAllen, Texas in 1983

    Mariachi Arcoiris
    Mariachi Tejano
    Mariachi Alegria
    Mariachi Rivera
    Mariachi Fiesta-1985
    Mariachi Classico-1986
    Mariachi Super Klasico Lopez-1987
    Mariachi Amistad
    Mariachi Azteca-1987
    Mariachi Cascabel-May 1988
    Mariachi Juvenil de Kingsville
    Mariachi Del Corazon-1990
    Mariachi Del Mar
    Mariachi Espuelas
    Mariachi Del Lago
    Mariachi Gavilan
    Mariachi Huasteco
    Mariachi Campesino
    Mariachi Fuego
    Mariachi Nuevo Real

    If your group from the South Texas,Corpus Christi or Surrounding Area is not here,or if you would like for me to include your group's picture and biography,please email me and I will post it up.
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