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Manuel Valle "El Chivo"
by John A. Vela

El Chivo
Manuel Valle Villalpando was born 1948 in Tlaltenango, Zacatecas Mexico. He started learning the trumpet at the age of 9 and was taught by his father Ignacio Valle, who was a local municipal band leader. He learned the trumpet by accident when he was making fun of fellow student of his father’s. His father got mad at him and said "Can you do better you little %$&^(&^$%?", and he looked up at him and replied that he could. Soon he was taking solfege classes and studying the trumpet. He played with the municipal band around the city of Tlaltenango and at local fairs. Manuel became interested in mariachi by listening to Antonio Aguilar, who was also from Zacatecas. He started playing with a local mariachi called Los Aventureros in the early 60’s and then moved to Mexico City in 1963 and started freelancing. Manuel began freelancing in “La Laica” (playing with pickup groups in the bars) at 50 cents a song divided among seven or eight musicians. These musicians were not well trained, but it was a good learning experience for the young Manuel. He played with a day group at plaza Garibaldi and then played with Mariachi San Marcos in the evenings. He also played with Mariachi Los Camperos de Santos Figueroa “La Salchicha” in 1964. He met Pedro Rey Hernandez “El Tobi” in 1964, around the time when Pedro and his brother Cresencio “Checho” joined Mariachi Vargas. He played briefly with Vargas for about four months. He recorded his first songs with Mario Quintero. He also recorded about 100 early Vicente Fernandez songs with Jesus Cordoba “El Churpias”. He played second trumpet to Don Jesus. He recorded with Jose Ramirez “La Marrana” playing the first trumpet part. He also played with Miguel Martinez' Mariachi Tolteca. He joined Mariachi Mexico de Pepe Villa in 1975 and played with them for about 30 years. He is an excellent sightreader and a very good interpreter of Mexican vernacular song. "Saludos a un gran maestro!"
Interview by John A. Vela, March 14, 2012-Houston,Texas

His Trumpet Recordings
This webpage is still under construction so please bear with me, Thanks!
Recordings with Vicente Fernandez:

Song Listing:
  • La Ley Del Monte
  • El Arracadas
  • Aca Entre Nos
  • Mujeres Divinas
  • El Polvorete
  • La Primera Con Agua
  • La Diferencia
  • El Tahur (All the album)
  • Por Tu Maldito Amor (All the album)
  • No Me Se Rajar
  • Lastima Que Seas Ajena
  • La Muerte De Un Gallero
  • Las Botas De Charro
  • La Muerte De Un Gallero
  • Ingrato Amor
  • Se Vende Un Caballo
  • La Primera Caricia
  • El Martes Me Fusilan
  • Los Dandys (All the album)
  • Que De Raro Tiene and the list goes on and on!!!

Recordings with Alejandro Fernandez:

Song Listing:
  • Contigo Aprendi
  • Matalas
  • No
  • Loco
  • Nube Viajera

Recordings with Pepe Aguilar:

Song Listing:
  • Por Mujeres Como Tu
  • Ay! Maria
  • Que Te Ha Dado Esa Mujer
  • Recuerdame Bonito

    With Mariachi Vargas:
    Hablando Claro-1st Trumpet
    Si Amanece-1st Trumpet

    Left to Right: Manuel Valle "El Chivo", John A. Vela and Xavier Serrano"Pancho El Loco"

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