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Francisco Xavier Serrano "Pancho El Loco"
by John A. Vela

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Pancho El Loco
Of all the trumpeters in the world of the mariachi, Francisco Xavier Serrano Reyes - affectionately known by his nickname of "Pancho, el Loco" - is one of the most renowned. A native of San José de Gracia, Aguascalientes, Pancho began his musical career at the age of eight years playing in the municipal band of Tlaltenango, Zacatecas. He began his career of mariachi in Guadalajara, continuing it later in Mexico City. Maestro Serrano has been a member of El Mariachi Colimense de Los Hermanos Gonzalez, Los Charros de Ameca de Román Palomar, Mariachi Oro Y Plata de Pepe Chavez, Mariachi 2000 of Cutberto Perez and Mariachi América de Jesus Rodriguez de Hijar. He was also a founding member of Mariachi Aguilas de America and Mariachi Sonidos de America. He has appeared on numerous recordings by prestigious artists such as Beatriz Adriana, Antonio Aguilar, Pepe Aguilar, Felipe Arriaga, Lola Beltrán, Mercedes Castro, Chelo, Yolanda del Río, Plácido Domingo, Rocío Dúrcal, Alejandro Fernández, Ana Gabriel, Juan Gabriel, Las Hermanas Huerta, Pablo Montero, Cornelio Reyna, Joan Sebastian, Lucha Villa, Federico Villa, Alicia Villarreal and many more. Among his most recent recordings are Enamorado with Pepe Aguilar and Mexico En La Piel with Luis Miguel. You can also hear his trumpet on the recent albums Para Siempre and Necesito De Ti from Vicente Fernandez and Corazon Ranchero by Shaila Durcal. In addition to playing trumpet in these recordings, Maestro Serrano also doubles on Bulge (Flugelhorn). He has participated in countless television programs, including Siempre En Domingo, El Estudio De Lola Beltran, Estampas De Mexico, En Vivo and Hoy Mismo with Ricardo Rocha and at different mariachi and ranchera festivals. Apart from the vernacular music, he has collaborated as soloist in recordings of pop and rock music with groups and artists such as La Quinta Estación, Cock Robin and Madonna. For many decades, Maestro Serrano has been highly respected and requested for his unmistakable style as a performer of trumpet inside and outside of the ranchera idiom. His particular style has earned him the recognition of many artists, arrangers, musicians and fans of the mariachi. This proud Mexican musician currently lives in Houston, Texas, USA.
(from an interview by Jon Clark)

Vicente Fernandez recordings

Song Listing:
  • Estos Celos
  • La Derrota
  • El Ultimo Beso
  • Los Cazahuates
  • Para Siempre
  • A Quien Vas Amar Mas Que A Mi


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